Strategic business management questions and answers

Strategic Management Interview Questions & Answers

There could be a partial viability in the sense that the major groups are agreed on certain aspects of the proposed changes.

Managers have always to deal with change, but there are two ways in which environmental change is becoming more problematic: An historical pattern, once identified might well be expected to continue overtime, or at last be sensibly refined systematically. The market, its potential, and its trends are the starting point.

The traditional suppliers or customers may not be capable of responding to new ways. As for information processing and analysis, the organization faces the problem of comprehension.

Business Strategy: The Three Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

In practice, managers cope with range of influences by evolving, overtime, accepted wisdom about their industry, its environment and what are sensible responses to different situations.

To satisfy the customer is the Mission and Purpose of every business. We need to follow more future orientation approaches for dynamic conditions.

Whatever their number, where competitors are of roughly equal size there is the danger of intense competition as one competitor attempts to gain dominance over another. Sometimes individuals or groups are allowed to create some of their own resources within the system. Higher levels of decentralization would disperse authority more widely and make public accountability more difficult — or at least more difficult to demonstrate to the public.

The following are the normally recognized sources of power: Franchising arising from the fact that each of the parties to the agreement only has an interest in part of the development process and that those two interests are complementary. Local management may not have this authority.

From two prospects 1 you want to enter. Stra ategic choicce is to do with the formulation f n of possib ble course ofo action, the t evaluattion and chhoice betw ween them.

Very y often an organizatiion strategiic capability y is impairred becausee the balan nce of the resources is i in app propriate.

As a result of this values of the people within company will change as external condition change. Planning strategically can help you prepare for such changes and stop flying blind. More extensive marketing operations for example.

The problem associated with acquisition is the overriding problem which lies in the ability to integrate the new company into the activities of the old. It could arise from the fact that a company which is already established and running may already be a long way down the learning curve and have achieved efficiencies which would be difficult to integrate.

The Appropriate Methods for Implementation: How does this model work? This is the political dimension of reward systems since the ability to give rewards to individuals is an important source of power for certain individuals or groups.

A- History and age of the company: So, you need to keep your eyes in the future. All companies, large and small, can benefit from planning for the longer term. As the dynamic conditions increase the interpretation of these conditions becomes more inspirational.

In such circumstances a critical organizational design issue is the level at which discussion and referral ends and a decision is taken.

The resource requirements of alternative strategies should be laid out indicating what the key resources for each strategy in what so called resource deployment analysis. Care must be taken not to overlook the fact that poor utilization of resources may have occurred for other reasons; in particular, they may not have been used effectively.

Fit with existing resources.

The values of these managers could be very important in terms of shaping new policies. In contrast, non-monetary rewards are a more common method of improving job satisfaction. This brand allows the customer to have trust on the services you provide.

Has sufficient consideration been given to the teams of managers or staff needed to implement strategic change?Jul 02,  · Others: Strategic Management Flashcards | Strategic Management Questions & Answers Strategic Management Questions and Answers The term _________ is used to refer to strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation, with _________referring only to strategy formulation.

Answers to Questions on Business Ethics Words | 5 Pages. closure of the business or personal case with a payout of responsibilities to the best of the conditions. The history of business is the story of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and employees, all of whom along the way add to the theory of management.

For the 20th anniversary of strategy+business, we, the editors, decided to track the milestones of management history. This interactive catalog is the result.

Strategic planning: Answers to your frequently asked questions

3. Is my organization consistent with my strategy? InAl West, the founder and CEO of SEI – the wealth management company that, at the time, was worth $ million – found himself in a. Whenever you must create or reinvent the direction of your organization, there are six questions, in order, that you must answer correctly.

You’ve heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out.” The quality of your thinking and decisions is determined solely by the quality of the information you begin with. Strategic Questions Examples.

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Strategic business management questions and answers
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